Cayman Islands Revisited

Cayman Islands Revisited

The Cayman Islands were our first place of ministry outside the USA . Rick and I lived there from l966 to 1969. Our very FIRST place of ministry was in El Paso, Texas (1662 to 1966), helping a new church get established and working across the border in Juarez with people who lived on the city dump. The Spanish we learned there came in handy the rest of our lives!!

Over the years, Cayman changed from a sleepy little island to the bustling cruise line stop it is today.

Pastors Winston and Hyacinth Rose celebrated their 40th year in ministry recently establishing the church in Bodden Town. Pictured here they are holding an 18 pound fresh CHICKEN that a neighbour gave them for our lunch. We ate it for three days! Their church is in the process of building a large new santuary which will also be used as a hurricane shelter on the island, a very recent phenomena in Cayman. Bodden Town church is in the midst of a revival. Seven people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit during an evening service while we were there. This will help the “fire” keep moving!!

During the leaders retreat, we felt a breakthrough not only spiritually but relationally. Everyone was eager to receive and put to work what was being released to them from the Holy Spirit. We are expecting a new level of growth.

The Rose’s son Samuel and his wife Elke are being prepared for ministry, as he continues to work with the government and she is completing her law degree. They have three children.

Our very first spiritual son, Alson Ebanks along with his wife Norma have been pastoring the church in George Town for 25 years. Rick and I believe that the Lord will bring young people from around the Island to worship and relate to each other here. There is fire coming to youth all around the world!! Praise You, Jesus.

Thanks for partnering with us to be faithful in the fields where the Lord sends us to prepare others for this end time harvest. We are in exciting times. It’s not time to draw back in fear but to GO and DO what God is speaking to your hearts. Be blessed.
Rick and Bette