To understand and pursue the high calling of God in Christ, we must understand that we will constantly be given choices. Those who are given to fatalism will have a hard time comprehending this, much less liking it, but it is true and is actually very much a part of every Christian life. This is why the Lord put the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden. It was not to trip up Adam and Eve so they would sin, but there could be no true obedience unless there was freedom to disobey. There can be no true worship unless there is freedom not to worship. Every step of our growth in the Lord requires making the right choice.

We are told in Hebrews 11:25-26 that Moses chose to suffer affliction with the people of God “considering the reproach of Christ greater than all of the treasures of Egypt.” Moses had a choice. We see in the story that he had many choices. Possibly the most important choice leading Moses to his calling was to “turn aside” to see the burning bush. How many miss their calling in the Lord because they are not willing to turn aside from their daily agendas and routines to see something of God?

The point is, this walk is voluntary and requires continual choices that get more difficult as we grow. The Holy Spirit who has been given to us will not do it for us. He is “the Helper,” not “the Doer.” Walking the path to the high calling means growing in faith, wisdom, understanding, responsibility, and authority. This is training for reigning.

Reading the Book of Acts, we see that the apostles were not led around by the hand, but they had authority to make choices. We repeatedly read phrases from them like, “I have decided…” Little children must be led by the hand, and the immature in Christ want a word for everything they do. But as we mature, this becomes less necessary.

The word “apostle” means “sent one.” Apostles were sent out with authority because they were wise enough and mature enough to make good decisions. When they made one, or were about to make one, that would lead them to a place He did not want them to go, He would give them a dream or vision to correct this. But in general, they made the decisions about where to go.

Therefore, as we mature in the Lord, we are given more responsibility. There can be no true authority without responsibility. Even though we have Him with us, He wants us to mature beyond just getting orders from Him. He wants us to have His heart and His mind so that what we decide is what He would decide, and is done through us.

As we grow in Him, we must learn to recognize the great privilege it is when He does not give us specific instructions, but gives us a choice because He trusts us. He is seeking to have us grow in faith and wisdom, as much as knowing His voice.

Rick Joyner

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