Encouraging the Folks

Encouraging the Folks

We were in Berdichev recently. It was a very Jewish town before the war. The messianic congregation there is flourishing. You can see that the guys participate in the dances more than the gals!!!

The pastor Vadim and his son were dancing, too. It was a little hard to dance in their seats, but they try!! This auditorium is too small for them and they are usually in a bigger hall.

Before the children went to the Sabath class, they went under the huppa and were blessed by the pastor.

We also visited Lenoid and Tanya’s church. They have been building this sanctuary several years. They will have a tall steeple with a cross on it and it will be seen from just about anywhere in town! We have been coming here since 1993.

The church had the very first restaurant after their country’s freedom. It is in a public building, the food is really good, so they have clients coming from their offices during the week. It has been a blessing for the church…a good outreach place!

Rick prayed over the youth who were hanging around after the meeting.

We continue to have guests. Inna is packing to go back home after spending a few days here. Her train was leaving at midnight for a 26 hour ride to Krasnodar, Russia. (Ira our translator was helping her zip up! the suitcase!)

Three generations of believers. The older man’s grandmother started their Christian heritage during the underground church in the 20’s. Tolic and Svieta, the younger couple are good friends of the ministry. They are active in the Youth Culture meeting of Randy.

Thanks for praying for us as we continue our work on this side of the globe. We are blessed to have you who pray and give.

We love you and bless you,
Rick and Bette