Incredible Youth Koinonia in Kiev

Incredible Youth Koinonia in Kiev

We just finished participating in Randy’s Koinonia, held for the first time here in Kiev. The anointing was awesome so the results were phenomenal. About 800 attended.

Praise and worship is the Holy Spirit River from which all ministry flows. “In those 3 days, there were all kinds of healings, revelation of the Word of God as it was shared, and a powerful prophetic Word from one of the Youth leaders about Who God really IS.

Some were prophetically drawing during praise and worship. This one is called, God in a Frame, a great expression of the reality of how people think about God.

Pastor Mark Durniak from Pa. is a frequent companion to Randy at Youth Koinonia… a great ministry buddy. Matt, from his church, got ministered TO while he was giving a testimony of his touch from God.

Many testimonies of God’s touch were given one afternoon. While Yana was giving her testimony of caring for an old lady who was bedfast, and how God helped her to love this “grandma”, Nancy felt the anointing so strong. Early that morning the Lord told Nancy to wear a turquoise necklace to the meeting, which had a big heart and other bright stones in it. As Yana talked, Nancy knew she had worn that necklace to give to her. After the meeting, Nancy shared with her a Word from the Lord and gave her the necklace. It was about her worth to the Lord. We were all in tears as the Lord honored this beautiful young lady.

Alexander, a one year believer, out of the drug scene, shared how the he had felt as the strength of the Holy Spirit had come into his life. A few days before coming to Koinonia, he met an old friend who was ready to commit suicide. Alexander’s witness to him about Jesus brought him to the Lord and saved his life. It was a challenge for ALL of us to be a more verbal witness to those around us. You never know what they are planning in their heart. But the Holy Spirit knows and these young people are learning how to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit’s voice. Let’s give them a better model to follow!!!

At the end of the last session, Randy had us (Rick and Bette) come up to honor the foundation that was laid in the last twenty years. He called up some of the Koinonia pastors who had come to Youth Koinonia with their kids, so it represented three spiritual generations.

Honoring his spiritual parents, us and Benny Hinn, (who was in Kiev at this time), Randy gave the youth an opportunity to receive the anointing of the spirit of the Father by giving an offering, which would be released to them as they gave. We got to hug most of them as they came to give. It took a while!

The youth were all crammed in the front as we prayed a three generation blessing over them . Their spiritual fathers were there with us. The anointing was heavy and so well received by the Young ones who God is now raising up to take their places in churches all over Ukraine, Russia and beyond.

Thank you for giving an offering to facilitate these young people becoming a “power house” to bring reformation to Ukraine and a few other nations. We believe it WILL come through them because God always uses those who are willing to be obedient to HIM, rather than go the way of the majority.

We are super thankful for all your help. Keep praying for us.

Blessings and love,
Rick and Bette