Peace in Heart

Peace in Heart

Very often we wish one another peace in our hearts, God’s supernatural peace. When I wish peace, that’s what I mean. So, what is this peace? And how is it possible to walk in it every day? Or is it our destiny to worry?

Everything around us is full of worry. People are literally walking around like a knot of nerves squeezed in a fist, harming their health in this way. “What is my future? What will happen tomorrow? Will the war stop? When will the war stop? How can we continue to live? How can I find a good job? Who will help me to deal with this or that situation? What will people say about me?” Those are few questions that literally take the peace out of the hearts of people and make us live in worry and fear of the future or of tomorrow.

When reading the Bible, your attention may fall on this interesting verse: “And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:7).

It is really simple and understandable. But often we forget about this fundamental truth, preferring to act according to the habit of the world, allowing ourselves, our selfishness, our fear, and our pain to take center stage. When choosing to worry as a habit, we cut ourselves off from God’s promise—to live in peace and rest. When choosing worry, we deprive ourselves of joy and pleasure; that’s why there are so many bitter faces around us. And we ourselves often fall into this luxury of worrying, though when we meet one another we look “excellent.”

I was looking for the definition of “worrying,” and here is what I found. Worrying complicates a situation; [it involves] needless thinking; and it is a way to justify an unwillingness to act because of inner ill-preparedness.

We are afraid of mistakes, and in order not to make them, we don’t act, but worry. We push back the result that might upset us. We waste our strength and time, but at least we don’t feel guilt (because there is an excuse: “I am worried.”) Our inner image of self does not get worse [in this way]. Together with that, we don’t accept ourselves the way we are.

Worrying is the illusion of an action. Most often, it shifts into despondency. Due to this feeling, we can justify ourselves. Meaning, if you allow someone to do something that makes you worry, then you can be justified in controlling those people. For example, “Aleksandr, where have you been? I almost lost my mind! I didn’t know what to think… You will never go out with your friends any more…”

Well, there is nothing to boast about when worrying. Why do we continue to live in it? It is much easier to let the situation go into the hands of the One who actually knows what is better for us. [Here’s] another example: you meet a person who is very sick. You pray for him, and he gets better! For five whole days. And then in a short while, you are standing at the bed of a dying man. And all you can do is to trust this situation into the hands of Dad, though you experience a great compassion and love toward him. Let go… It seems so easy, and still difficult. To let go is to trust everything into the hands of God. To continue to trust Him in the midst of the storm is what will bring relief to us, and it will allow God Himself to get involved in our situation. By trusting our life into the hands of the Creator, we will be able to experience the joy of life for real. We can taste life when we don’t worry, and when we trust the One who definitely knows what will happen next, who knows with whom we need to meet, and with whom it is better not to. He knows what we need better than we do.

Sometimes we don’t trust Him because we are afraid that He will do everything against our expectations. But… our hearts are really important for Him, and what we experience is important for Him.

What do I mean by all of this? Letting go of worry is of great importance. Trust your whole life into the hands of God, and it will bring a great peace into your heart, and you will not want to lose it at all. Keep peace in your heart! You can do this! By trusting Him 100 percent, we will get rid of headaches. It’s worth it! In the midst of storm and thunder what can you change? Your attitude toward the things that happen.

P.S. This was written by a person who knows about worrying firsthand—and not by hearsay. If God taught me to live in His peace, even more will He manage to do it for anyone else. I pray that more people would learn to live in the peace and rest of God.

With love, Lena