Retreat for Pastors and Wives 2012

Retreat for Pastors and Wives 2012

Miracle in San Diego
Knowing that there are 2.5 million Russian speaking Jews in CA, the Messianic Churches sent Vadim and Faina, who are in our fellowship, to San Diego. As Vadim was on the buss acquanting himself with the city, he stopped at a strange looking building. He thought it might be a Church. A man came out and asked him who he was and said “yes this is a Church”. When Vadim explained who he was, the Pastor began to weep and invited him inside. He told him that he had been praying for 10 years for the Lord to send someone to work with the Jews. The next evening, Vadim visited a class in that Church, to teach English to Russian Jews. From that class 8 students are now believers and +/- 25 more are seekers who are attending Shabat services in the Church. Pray for their vision to become established there in CA.

Recently the Lord gave us this Word that we’ll share with you. He said He is working from the inside out. He works within us to change circumstances on the outside. He works on situations on the inside so the outer situations will change. Believe that God is going to work in you and on the inside of your situation so the outside will result in God’s plan for you.

We want to thank our supporters for your obedience to pray and to give that the Lord will be able to continue to reach people in Ukraine, Europe and Israel. Paypal can make it easy for you, or you can send a check to the address below.

We bless you,

Rick and Bette.