the 70th anniversary of the tragedy in Babiy Yar

the 70th anniversary of the tragedy in Babiy Yar

Interdenominational Christian auction called “To remember in order to live” took place on the 20th of September 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine and it was devoted to the 70th anniversary of the tragedy in Babiy Yar. Roman Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, Adventists, messianic Jews and representatives of other Christian denominations took part in this memorial service.

We got together to remember what had happened in Kiev 70 years ago. We came to remember those who stayed forever connected to the earth of the Yar; and to remember those who showed real respect and were worth to be examples for, for they were brave enough to agree with military crimes to hide Jewish families in their own homes, the old men and the children. The memory of these people is engraved forever in the alley of the righteous of the world, and we remembered those things that should not be forgotten. For otherwise there is a great risk that it will be repeated.

It is joyful to see, that the Christian churches today can find common ground and way of fellowship, understanding, cooperation and brotherly unity. it makes us glad that the Jewish community of Kiev and whole Ukraine can see that Christians are not persecutors any more, which were chasing them for so many years, and Christians do not partner with the nazists like they did during World War II, but now Christians are those who stretch out the hand of support and brotherhood in this difficult time for the Jewish people and especially for Israel. It is great that Christians can be not only named the friends of Israel but they can really be those in fact. It makes us glad, really glad.

There is one question left, and it is addressed to everyone reading these lines  no matter whether your senior pastor, bishop or archbishop of your church participated in that memorial service or not, what really matters is your attitude to the issue, what do you think about it? What is in your heart, when you hear about the Jews, Israel, Holocaust, shooting and extermination in Babiy Yar Israel? It is very important that your Christian heart was open to the people of God… This really matters.

We are working on publishing some materials on the web-portal to cover up the even and give you the details.