Core Trip to Dnipropetrovsk

Core Trip to Dnipropetrovsk

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So our second trip was on October 25-28 in Dnipropetrovsk. It was very important time. There were a lot of obstacles, but God fulfilled everything He wanted. It was a time of miracles – His miracles.

On the first day, Saturday, we had fellowship with the youth from the church whose pastor is Dima Tyrsa. They have never been to Youth Koinonia, so it was new for them. At first we just talked, and then God led us all together into the deep worship, where we worshipped and ministered one to another. It was something new for them – prophetic worship in the Spirit. They released what was inside of them, and that was beautiful. On Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm we had church service – worship night. Thought it was not very easy, we all broke through together and brought the Heaven to that place. God set people free, healed them, ministered to them and comforted them, restored and created everything He wanted. After the service we had really great fellowship with the pastor and church leaders. We felt really strong desire of God to unite the churches of Dnipropetrovsk. And this processes has already begun. A lot of people in the church experienced this Koinonia and felt an urge to be a part of it.

After visiting the Source of Life church on weekends, we spent 2 memorable days with the youth from the church of pastor Vladimir Ivanov. On Monday we spent the evening at the pastor’s home, we prayed for them, prophesied. God gave us word for their family and their church. On Tuesday evening they had BSY (Bible Study for Youth), where we shared about the Spiritual Gifts. After that we had practice, where everyone released and prophesied to others. It was the time when we went deeper into one another’s heart. We received that incredible depth they had, and they soaked what Dad had given us. We felt there as at home, we felt family. We prayed for one another, talked, hanged out, ate and just enjoyed this time.

This is Koinonia, this is Love <3