Be a man! (1st Men’s Koinonia)

Be a man! (1st Men’s Koinonia)

Be a man!

The presence of God was real. The anointing came very quickly and was strong. IMG_9744

IMG_9779 IMG_9762


Fellowship and fun


IMG_9710 IMG_9727
IMG_9717 IMG_0075

Shout and pray

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Great teaching
We were blessed with a variety of approaches and great practical revelations. We received understanding of how to express our manhood in a Godly way.

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IMG_9795 IMG_9902
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Prophetic teams
The brothers received powerful prophecies and clarity.

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Father’s blessing
The pastors have always expected and received from the father’s blessing (from papa Rick). Now the other men know the power of the blessing.

IMG_0009 IMG_0026

Intense competitive sports

IMG_9839 IMG_9851

For our 1st Men’s Koinonia it was awesome!

Papa Rick