Men’s Koinonia Sept.2016

Men’s Koinonia Sept.2016

All of our sessions began with praise or prayer. Pastors Andre and Sasha shared the anointed WORD with excitement.

Hilarious praise with dancing…fun, fun!

Personal ministry and prophetic groups.

4 of the key leaders of the Koinonia youth fit in well. They shared their hearts and dreams.

Rick is standing on a chair helping all the guys to release their prayer language. What a loud and powerful prayer it was!!!

The guys were responding to a timely teaching on raising Godly children and teens.

Rick can still hit the tennis ball even after 20 years! Other physical activities included basket ball, soccer, volley ball, swimming (indoors and heated!), and the sauna, their very favorite thing!

The guys chanted “We are the best” during competitions. Indoor team skiing, and team balancing……not as easy as it looks! Boxing for fun, no injuries, lots of laughs and shouts.

The THEME of this Koinonia was FATHERHOOD. The anointed picture of father and son was a LARGE ever present reminder of how we as fathers are followed and imitated by our natural sons, and spiritual sons as well. In this session, Rick released the Father’s Blessing over all the men and their families . They excitedly received it with outstretched arms!! It was a powerful ending.

How encouraging it was to see that 102 guys had received so much in only 4 days and left with the excitement and challenge of walking in true FATHERHOOD.

Thank you so much for your financial participation in Koinonia Ministries. You are touching many people you will meet in eternity.

Blessings beyond measure to you and your family.

Rick and Bette Strombeck