Rick and Bette in Germany (April, 2016)

Rick and Bette in Germany (April, 2016)

We encouraged some dear pastors in Polch, Ghena and Zina……you can see the famous river Mosel.

Onward to Blankenheim, our “home” in Germany. Pastor Andreas baptized 4 teenagers in a nearby lake…

42 degrees! Heroic!

We enjoy their faithful church family so much!

One of their daughter churches in Kall was full of young people…a GREAT sign of growth!!

Bonn….Pastor Alex and Elvira with 2 of their children. Precious family.

Bonn is a large city. In the second church, Pastor Leonid and Elvira received their diplomas from our video school, completing 2 full years…others finished their first year. They are in the process of enlarging their building….a healthy growth, praise the Lord.

And we thank the Lord for His grace and care as we traveled in Germany. And thank YOU for your prayers as we GO.

Rick and Bette