Women’s Koinonia in Ukraine

Women’s Koinonia in Ukraine

We were resting just before the registration opened for 135 ladies, coming from about 30 congregations.

The times of ministry were so full of the Holy Spirit. The next generation helped us with praise and worship, as well as teaching.

About 17 pastors wives (we call them pastors) came to the front, and I anointed them with oil, so they could anoint the rest. Their ministry was precious.
After I anointed the pastors, they formed 2 lines and every lady came through the ‘tunnel’ to be anointed. Each one received something special from the Lord.

The fellowship was sweet, many good times, getting to make new friends. Of course, there were times of fun, costumes, jokes, eating, talking, and blessing each other.

THANK YOU for making this Koinonia a special time in the lives of these precious ladies. They were all encouraged and ready to go home to bless others in the family and church.

Thank you