Koinonia Youth Culture (Cherkasy’14)

Koinonia Youth Culture (Cherkasy’14)

Wonderful God’s presence during Koinonia Youth Culture in Cherkasy. Worship audio is ready for listening and download.

Day 1

Пусть голос Твой с меня начнет [Скачать]

Like the sun that will rise, like the light that will break the darkness, let Your voice begins with me. Awakening.

Ты — мой океан [Скачать]

You are my ocean. I love you.

Я не могу без Тебя [Скачать]

The sun doesn’t shine without Your look. You are the only One I need. Seems like it is all good, I don’t need anything, but my heart dreams only about You. It misses You, feels You. I cannot without You. My heart screams.

Близость с Тобой [Скачать]

Intimacy with You covers me with the wave. Your intimacy – I run into the Father’s heart.

Выходи Любовь [Скачать]

Come out, Love, from inside of me. Come out, Love, I don’t hold you back.

В любви нет страха [Скачать]

You hear, there is no fear in Love. There is no fear to fall down, no fear to stumble, because this is love, it always overcomes. There is no fear in love.

Украина движима Тобой [Скачать]

Neither death, nor depth, neither death, nor height will separate Ukraine from Your Love. Ukraine is moved by Love. Ukraine is moved by You.

Все цепи разбить [Скачать]

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.

Day 2

Otkroj sebja Emu [Скачать]

What are you afraid of – God or pain? Open yourself up to Him.

JA plot’ ot ploti Tvoej [Скачать]

I am a flesh of Your flesh. I am blood of Your blood.

Dlja Tebja — jeto nagrada [Скачать]

I know that every pain and every wound is a medal for You, it is a reward for You. You melt my heart in fire. And You fill up every pain with the ocean.

Moe serdce budet slavit’ [Скачать]

In spite of my wounds, in spite of the pain inside, my heart will worship and love You forever.

JA ljubov’ [Скачать]

I am Love. Eat Me. Drink Me. I will wash your feet, and you will have a part with Me. I am washing your feet so you would have a part with me.

Vseh synov ozhidaem [Скачать]

We are gathering the harvest and waiting for all the sons. Come! Come! Come!

Nami dvizhet ljubov’ [Скачать]

In mad tempo, in mad rhythm love is moving us.