Koinonia Youth Culture (Kiev’14)

Koinonia Youth Culture (Kiev’14)

Wonderful God’s presence during Koinonia Youth Culture in Kiev. 
Worship audio is ready for listening and download.


Прийди в Своей Славе [Скачать]

Come in Your glory. We are waiting for You.

Подуй на меня [Скачать]

Breathe on me with Your breath, breathe life into me, so I could breathe.

Освети нас Своим Светом [Скачать]

Shine on me with Your Light, so I would shine all over the planet.

Мы идем, мы побеждаем [Скачать]

We go, we advance. We overcome any darkness with You.

Любовью вечной [Скачать]

You loved me with the eternal love. Halleluiah, halleluiah!

Иду с Тобой [Скачать]

I walk with You, I overcome pain. I walk with You, I overcome fear. I walk with You, I overcome death. We are the children of the Light, we will break darkness.

Я жажду [Скачать]

You lead me through the desert to talk to me, for my heart came back to the first love. Beloved Jesus, I am thirsty for You. I am thirsty for You as the desert is for rain.

Это мой Иисус [Скачать]

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. It is my Jesus.

Духом Твоим [Скачать]

We will overcome not by the strength or army, but by Your Spirit.

Драгоценный Дух Святой [Скачать]

Precious Holy Spirit, we love You. We are waiting for You.

Жив во мне Ты [Скачать]
Жив во мне Ты 2 [Скачать]

In the beginning of a day we raise our eyes with the hope to You, our God. We direct our hearts that where we go, You will be there. You fired all our life with your flame, Your love is shining in us. You shone the light on all the roads, and You cast out the darkness with the light of glory. Your love in me will never fade away. You will shine it through me every day. You are alive in me, You are alive in my heart forever.

В Твои объятия [Скачать]

I run into Father’s heart, my home is there, my inspiration is there. I always run into Your embraces, my God. Only Your Love is enough for me. You captivated my heart with You, Your name is Love. Nothing, neither death, nor depth, nor height will separate me from Your love. From the sunrise till the sunset we are together with Your forever, Your love is with me forever.

Ты так нужен мне [Скачать]

You are here now, Jesus. I worship You now. You will never leave. I call You, I seek You, I love You, I need You so much. I need You so much.

Ты нужен мне [Скачать]

From the sunrise I am looking for You, I am calling You, I need You. I need You.

Ты любишь [Скачать]

We are Your part, You are our reward. You gave us Your forgiveness. The heaven is opening embraces for us, my heart is beating with happiness inside. There is no time to regret the losses when I think about You. Oh, how You love us. You love us.

Твое знамя — Любовь [Скачать]

We are not alone, but You are with us, and Your banner is over us. Love. Love. Love. We dive into Your river, and love feels us up.

Ти потрібен мені [Скачать]

Here I am standing in front of You. I know You hear my heart. I know You see how I desire You. I need You.

Святой [Скачать]

I see the glory coming down from heaven. You sit at the right hand of the Father. I will sing with all my soul, “Holy, holy, holy!” I see Your Throne of grace. Thunder and lightning are around it. I see how the fire is burning in Your eyes. It burns.

Свят, свят, свят [Скачать]

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Supreme.

Полчище [Скачать]

I see the regiment walking; it falls down on the spears, but gets up. I feel how the whole earth is trembling because of the scream and the voice of the King.