Snow continues in Ukraine…

Snow continues in Ukraine…

Being from Florida, we delighted in the next 3 days of windy snowstorm. Of course, the drivers were not so delighted!! The kids were joyful-they had no school. Oxana, about 5 ft 9 inches was rather stuck!!!

These cars are in our parking lot and you can see our apt. behind, the yellow building. There are 16 floors and we live on 3rd. Our neighborhood goat was looking for “green” but where was it? Yes, we have goats amid the multitude!


Continuing to snow the whole weekend, we traveled 5 hours by train to Kremenchug. On Saturday, 62 leaders met with us. They have at least 15 different areas of ministry.

On Sunday, we had the privilege of handing out diplomas for those who had just finished their first year of our video school. It takes a lot of commitment! After the prophetic ministry, and the preaching of the Word, 12 people came to receive the Lord. 7 of them were men, which is a big hurrah!

In the afternoon, about 40 people met to celebrate 3 birthdays! A large family of gypsies were hosts. They prepared a lot of different food. SINGING and dancing is always the entertainment. The continuing snow fall did not hinder the celebrtation!! They are accustomed to it.

 Pastor Valera Radionov and his wife Svieta, with their 4 children, Arteum, Roma, Dasha, and Radik, have been with us for many years. The church is active and growing. We enjoyed a great weekend of fellowship, food, and God’s presence. We are so blessed.

We write this Word from the Lord for you……AGREEMENT. Agree with truth, agree with love, and agree with peace. May God’s peace forever dwell in your hearts.

We bless you, Rick and Bette Strombeck