Celebration – Video Bible School

Celebration – Video Bible School

During 13 years of our Ministry Training Center in Kiev, which began in Sept. 1992, we video recorded the teachings and started a Video Bible School (VBS) for those who lived too far to come to Kiev two weekends a month to study.The VBS began in l999, simultaneous with the live school in Kiev. Classes are all video now, and continue in Ukraine as well as in seven nations where Russian speaking people have immigrated. We recently had our first VBS coordinators fellowship, 65 attended. It was especially fun for those who had only seen us on video.

You can’t see them all, but this is part of them. We shared the Word briefly, the main goal being for fellowship and getting to know new people.

They had fun putting their town “on the map” of Ukraine. Berdichev has 3 VBS’s in three different churches. The map hangs in our office, now.

We are grateful for Walter and Luba Kogut on our right. They oversee all video schools, help start new ones, keep statistics, and give Diplomas for those who finish. Often they visit the churches, and are invited to minister the Word and prophetically. They are with us since the beginning in 1992.

Nikolay Zaliznyy, village Obukhovka

When I studied in the VBS, I was the Boss of the night shift in a bakery. About 3:00 a.m. I discovered that I had not taken enough flour for the 15 loaves of bread that were ordered for the next morning. I had no way to get into the warehouse for more. Then I remembered a story Bette had told us about food being multiplied when a lot of unexpected guests came. Two other believers were on shift with me so I told them the story and asked them to come and lay hands on the dough we had. After praying, I began to cut the dough and place on the scale and there was exactly enough for 15 loaves! Our God is creative and full of love and miracles. An unbeliever who watched us said that when I became a pastor she would come to my church!!!

Alla Kotniuk, town Cherniakhiv

My husband and I are pastors in a small town. One lady came from a smaller village, where education level is low, and wanted to study. As she got started she realized that she could not memorize the verses and do her homework. There had been an example in the VBS about a young man learning to read quickly when he began to memorize the Word. So we prayed and she began to memorize the Word much faster and now she is able to learn any verse in less than 30 minutes! A great Victory.

Larisa Roman, Kalanchak

When Larissa studied in the VBS she learned to protect her family, communicate in her marriage, and raise her children. When she became coordinator of the VBS, her husband was seriously injured on his construction job. A pile of bricks fell from the ninth floor, some falling on him, causing blindness, concussion, and one side was paralyzed. It was a difficult time. But as she began to live what she had learned from the Word of God, she found that she had been prepared to cope with this tragedy. She says “I put the Truth of God in my mind so HIS strength , hope and love came. My husband can now see and walk, so we are praising God for this school.”

There was a lot of fellowship time, and a lunch together. So many new relationships were built. Some are rather located in small towns so they were happy for the new friends.

We prophesied over all the ones who had never met us before. Some had never had a prophetic Word from the Lord given to them, so it was special for them.

Toward the end, we all joined together and prayed for one another. Such a sweet spirit of joy surrounded us!

At the very end, Rick laid hands on each person, giving them a father’s blessing. It was a wonderful way to close the event. This was the very first time we had gathered them together in 14 years. It probably won’t be our last!

We pray for each of you that you would be abundantly blessed with the Presence of the Lord. It makes a huge difference in how your day goes!!

Thank you for your financial participation in what the Lord is doing here. You are making a difference in the lives of many.

We love you, Rick and Bette Strombeck