Koinonia is the manifestation of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit to people in a new and deep way that breaks every chain that would hold us. There is total freedom there. People are released to remember and experience who they truly are inside as sons and daughters of their heavenly Father – the way the Father made them. Where LOVE is the foundation of everything that we do and the Holy Spirit is given total freedom to more through every individual. Koinonia is not an event; it is a spirit released, a lifestyle.


Bring the manifest presence of
the Lord and His freedom

He comes to the hungry, thirsty, empty, hurting and wounded.

Experience the Lord for who
He really is

That is how we find out who we really are ourselves.

Experience and know
His Love

There is no greater revelation than truly knowing the Love of Jesus and the Fathers Love.

Discover and know the living Jesus
of the entire Bible

Knowing and experiencing the living word of God. He is the foundation, and when truly discovered, Jesus becomes real and he begins to live through you.

Learn what you were made for
or created for

Knowing where you fit in the body. What your purpose is and your talents, gifts, callings, anointing and destinies are.

The reconciliation and restoration
of the generations

Walk as one together, not separate. Bringing the generations together.   Not many fathers, but there are many ministers and parents. Show the heart of the Father.

Bring lasting and real culture change

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