All The Way Through

All The Way Through

I am always impressed by one who can prophesy the paint off the walls. I am even more impressed when that same one picks up a paint brush and diligently repaints the wall.

I rejoice every time a sick one is healed through the laying on of hands. I am even more impressed when the one who’s hands healed eats well, exercises and walks in divine health from within.

You can lead a big and thriving church or ministry but our hearts swell when we see your spouse and children free, fully alive and maturing in the Lord.

It takes great courage to offer forgiveness, releasing someone from their bond to you. It takes great humility to receive it and still walk in relationship. Walking only in the first becomes pride. Walking only in the second creates slavery. Walking in both is sonship.

I honor the sacrifice made to travel the earth bringing the gospel to the poor. I honor all the more the sacrifice made to see a hometown prosper with its light.

Your giving is generous and helps another in need. Your wise financial stewardship ensures your giving can be sustained.

I understand one’s desire to succeed and try out a new and glorious endeavor. Many times it takes a season or seasons of doing whatever it takes, no matter how inglorious, to launch the glorious endeavor.

It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine. Your beautiful vineyard is only as productive as your ability to protect it. Tame foxes are still foxes. Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity and partial harvest. Kill the foxes and produce big, juicy grapes.

but when the perfect comes, the partial will done away. 1 Corinthians 13:10 (NASB)

Tongues have their place in a nation where words have no interpretation. Prophesy is important in a moment when there is no history or insight. Miracles are needed where there is lack of established freedom. But when the perfect comes, when the fullness is revealed, these will cease.

Love is the perfection. It is the Person of Jesus IN His family. It is the same oneness as Jesus has with the Father. This is abundant life. The life Jesus came to give us and prayed we would walk in.

This life – this love – is All the Way Through. It must saturate every area of our lives for it to be seen and known in all the earth.

Don’t allow the partial to be your full. You were created for so much more.

In love, Mark