Father’s Heart

Father’s Heart

Is there anything more beautiful than the heart of a true father? Just the thought of it brings security, peace and fulfillment. A loving dad is the rock of life.

Let me share a most simple characteristic – presence. Being there may seem empty in and of itself, but it is the beginning of all the attributes of fatherhood.

I will not leave you as orphans… My Father and I will come and make our abode in you… I will never leave you or forsake you… I am with you always.

These are the words of the one who came to show us the Father. They were vital to the fledgling church Jesus would leave in the world. Knowing they were not alone was their boldness.

Absentee fathers may think about their children every day. They could send cards, make phone calls or let them know they’re always available. But it is the intentional involvement of a father that changes destinies.

A father’s presence is power. It is the solid ground children need to launch into life. And it’s the safe landing place when life is harsh.

Fatherhood is more than counsel. There are plenty of senior men out there ready to pour out wisdom. Fatherhood goes beyond provision. The government has taken care of that.

But combine those with presence – I will never leave you – and you’ve got fathering. Checks in the mail and texted encouragement only go so far in shaping a child.

A weak or strict dad who is there is of more value to a child than a gifted one who always has other things to do.

Fathers don’t leave. They hang in there. They overcome personal discomfort for the benefit of those they lead. They believe their child’s fulfillment is their greatest achievement.

Dads – be there and be you. This is the greatest gift you will ever give.

Love to you, Mark.