Randy’s Youth Koinonia. Healing Breakthrough.

Randy’s Youth Koinonia. Healing Breakthrough.

The basis of all ministry is praise and worship… 5 or 6 hours, day and night.

Young people taught the Word… followed by group discussions

After the prophetic ministry was taught, activation groups were developing what they learned.

Meesh, a young man from Seattle, was sharing about healing, after one young person asked why we didn’t have more healings like Jesus! A young lady was instantly healed in her knee and then the anointing fell and all the young people came to receive that anointing. There were a LOT of healings after that!

Lives were healed and changed as Randy and others shared the Word. The youth found Jesus in the Old Testament.


Many other fun filled activities brought them together….talent show, fellowship, and more fellowship.

That is who we are… Koinonia IS fellowship.
Blessings and love, Rick and Bette