Our ministries today

  • KOINONIA for pastors and wives
  • VIDEO Bible School
  • KOINONIA Youth Culture
  • WOMEN’S Koinonia

 KOINONIA for pastors and wives

It is:

Fellowship Teaching Fun Fatherhood

Three days together, learning how to accept, love, communicate give, receive, expect, and rejoice. It’s an informal time to play together, sometimes with a little competition, talk until the morning hours, worship and praise as loud and long as we want, hear the Word of the Lord in teaching and prophecy, share with one another, make new friends, receive and give encouragement, and above all, coming together in love. All these things contribute to releasing Fatherhood TO them as well as developing Fathernood IN them. Rick and Bette and others visit pastors to encourage them personally. There have been times of small group mentoring in the Kiev apt, pastors or wives and now youth. Some pastors who have been with us a long time are Fathering others. We are all called to multiply ourselves.


VIDEO Bible School

In 1992, Kiev Ministry Training Center was established to teach and train believers in the Word including principles of life, character, family and ministry. The goal is to support pastors in their call to establish churches.

Realizing there were many who lived far away that could not travel to Kiev two weekends a month, videos were made to give them the same opportunity to experience the Word.

In 2005, the live school in Kiev transitioned into a DVD video school, with the same requirements as the live school: taking notes when watching, reading the Bible through during those two years of classes, memorizing passages of scripture, and taking tests. Statistics are kept and diplomas are issued from the Kiev office.

As Russian speaking people immigrated around the world, they asked for the Video School to assist them in establishing churches. It is now available in English Russian and EnglishGerman, other languages to come. It is available in class settings, or online.

Walter and Luba Kogut are responsible for Video Schools. You can contact them for lists of classes, cost, and any related information

e-mail: rickbette@gmail.com

t.: +38 044 57 000 95 офис,


KOINONIA Youth Culture

Youth gather 3-4 times a year to experience the presence of the Lord, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, learning to be obedient to His Voice and the Word of God. There are times of fun, a LOT of fellowship, praying together, worshipping for hours as the Holy Spirit works and guides, getting to know many others and developing strong relationships. At Koinonia Youth Culture gatherings we are hungry for the manifest presence of the Lord and HE does not disappoint.

We want to see culture of the youth transformed from the inside out.


WOMEN’S Koinonia

Beginning in 2008, the pastors and female leaders began to have their three days of “|getaway”,no kids, no phone, no cooking, no cleaning, no working,just fellowship, ministry to each other, and fun things to do: like painting your own silk scarf, making jewelry, exercising, sharing recipes, making prophetic journals, dramas, etc.

The pastors lead this event, teaching, counseling, prophesying, and ministering A major highlight is the personal time with God in the flag tunnel or tabernacle during an extended worship. The Holy Spirit is always free to do whatever He wants anytime in any way, so each Koinonia is different. Many new friendships are formed and lives are changed. God is raising up powerful women in this country.