SPAIN 2012

SPAIN 2012


In April, during our visit to Spain, Igor, a Ukrainian pastor in Madrid took Rick and I to a city meeting of 50 Evangelical Pastors. We shared a short exhortation and a couple personal stories with the group. Afterward this lady came running up to us with a big smile on her face. She excitedly told us that she knew us 25 years ago in La Paz Bolivia. She started a church here in Spain just two years ago.

We met this father and daughter when we visited the church of Pastor Igor in Madrid. They are originally from Quito, Ecuador and have decided to move back to Quito soon. We are excited to be able to recommend a marvelous church for them to attend. Both were saved here in Madrid and now want to return home to get the rest of their family saved. Many immigrants from South America have started congregations here in Spain.

Torre Vieja is a town in southern Spain where the Lord sent this young couple to pastor two years ago. There is only about six months of work available since it is a tourist town during summer vacations. They told us many stories of miracles, multiplication of food, and provision while we visited with them.


In Barcelona we were hosted by pastors Valera and Vika, the couple in the center. They went thru our live school in Kiev in the early days and then stayed to help us run the school for eight more years. After moving to Spain, they started a church in Torre Vieja, then in Murcia. Finally the Lord sent them to Barcelona. In this huge city they met many drug addicts and hippies and took them home with them, as the Lord led them. After five years of mentoring, these three former addicts, Ramon (left) Sergey (up high) and Ruslan (lower right) are pillars in their church. Most of the church came from the same source, Valera and Vika’s outreach.

Pastors Valera and Vika and this Catholic priest have been working together for 2 years in The Right to Life, or antiabortion marches in the city. Only 4 priests and a few other pastors will participate with them. But it is a start. What wonderful fellowship we had with this priest for three hours. We shared our experience with Catholics in Peru in the 80’s. He was amazed. The anointing was strong as we prayed together. He loves Jesus and knows the Word and we are bound together in Love. What a privilege!!!


They royally celebrated ricks birthday in Barcelona. Eight more in the church people had birthdays recently so we celebrated with a huge cookout in the nearby mountains.

We are asking that you please PRAY for Valera and Vika and their tall son Niko as they work in this challenging ministry. Also, we are truly grateful for others in Blankenheim, Germany and many churches in Ukraine, Israel and Russia who give their lives to rescue addicted people. Praise God for them all.

Please, take this opportunity to sow into the lives of those who bring the good news of Jesus to others and thanks for continuing to help us go to encourage them. Be blessed.

Rick and Bette